The DemoSATH project is already located in BiMEP and systems evaluation tests have been initiated

The DemoSATH unit is the first floating wind platform to be installed at the BiMEP open sea facilities. It is located two nautical miles from the coast of Armintza (Bizkaia), 85 meters deep. The objective is to analyze the behavior of SATH technology while evaluating social, economic and environmental impacts. This innovation and research project aims to know all the consequences of offshore wind and turn it into a renewable, competitive and low-impact source. It will also provide clean energy equivalent to the consumption of 2,000 homes.

Construction in the Port of Bilbao

The DemoSATH floating platform was built at a pier in the port of Bilbao in 2023. Following the loading and unloading of the platforms at the Punta Sollana pier in the Port of Bilbao, the platform was towed through specialised vessels. Once the anchor system and the chains were recovered, it was connected to the joint point of the wind turbine to begin the tests to be carried out during all winter months and in total for approximately two years.