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What do we offer?

The Mutriku test site has been designed to allow testing and demonstration of:

  • Air turbines.
  • Air valves.
  • Energy storage.
  • Control strategies.
  • Power generators and converters.
  • Sensors.
  • Other equipment.


The services on offer during the different test process phases are:

Electrical Infrastructure for connecting the device to the grid.

Fresh water inlet.

Support with commissioning.

Control strategies.

Support in seeking local suppliers and financing.

Office with access to test data.

Available equipment:

  • PLC for measuring and controlling the turbine.
  • Power converter (690 V/90 kW) for plug&play connection.
  • Butterfly valve for closing chamber and emergency stop.
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Trial requirements

The Mutriku test site has all the necessary licenses for conducting tests.

To ensure suitable levels of safety for personnel and the environment, certain minimum technical requirements must be met. These are set out in the BiMEP Installation Guide.

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