Technical Characteristics

Mutriku area

About the Mutriku site

The wave energy plant at Mutriku can host trials of new concepts of air turbine, control strategy and auxiliary equipment for OWC devices.

Built into the breakwater at the harbour in Mutriku, the plant has a total capacity of 296kW and has been supplying electricity to the grid since 2011.

104212 Pa 9656.85 Pa

Technical Characteristics

The Mutriku test site offers developers the following facilities:

Air chamber attached to the breakwater. Dimensions: 4.5 m wide; 3.1 m long; 9.7 m above mean low water springs (MLWS).

Easy road access to wave plant.

Circular opening of 750 mm diameter connecting the air chamber to the turbine.

Power connector for fast generator connection.

Connection to local distribution grid through a 460 V/13.2 kV transformer.

Available data from sensors: water level and pressure in the chamber, environmental humidity and temperature in the gallery.

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