About us


The commitment to marine energy is strategic as a renewable energy source. More and more governments around the world are searching for new renewable energy supply formulas that help reduce fossil fuel consumption. BiMEP is the response of the Basque Country to this challenge. This contribution consists of test facilities and aims to contribute to the research and development of marine technologies, both wave energy and floating offshore wind.

BiMEP has two test fields, one in the open sea at the village of Lemoiz, designed to accommodate all kind of floating devices. In addition, it has a wave power plant, located in the named locality, in Mutriku, where tests can be performed prior to open sea tests. Both sites are available for installation or anchoring of their equipment by the manufacturers of renewable marine generation systems, and for testing.

100% of the BiMEP initiative is public and involves two partners. The main partner is the Basque Energy Agency www.eve.eus with a 75% stake. The remaining 25% corresponds to IDAE www.idae.es.

Logotipo Bimep, EVE  e IDAE