Ocean Energy Europe Conference and Exhibition will tke place in Brusseles next 6 and 7 of December.

Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) is an entity managing two sites at the Basque Country:

  • BiMEP-Armintza, an open-sea facility to support research, technical testing and commercial demonstration of floating marine renewable energy devices. Grid-connected, it is ideal for testing and validating wave energy converters and floating wind solutions.
  • BiMEP-Mutriku, running since 2011 as wave power plant, now is also used for testing new OWC turbines and control algorithms.

The Basque Country is ideally located for developing and testing marine energy devices and has the potential to become a global centre of industry for ocean energy.

BiMEP is the result of the governmental commitment to the development of marine renewable energies and, as one of the leaders of the Wave Energy Basque Country supply chain, will sponsor this year’s OEE conference.

BiMEP’s Technical Director, Yago Torre-Enciso said: OEE2021, as the main ocean energy event in 2021, gives BiMEP a great opportunity to share, at European level, its present and future activity and the potential of the Wave Energy Basque Country supply chain.

Ocean Energy Europe’s CEO, Rémi Gruet said: The Basque Country has a long history of industrial strength and is a leader in the development of long-term strategies to decarbonise and support the energy transition. Together with BiMEP, they provide a roadmap for other regions to follow.